Sally has over 15 years teaching experience in secondary schools and has worked with children from age 8 to 16 as a private tutor. She is a qualified dyslexia specialist teacher and assessor with a passion for creating personalised learning programmes to suit individual students’ needs and interests.

Sally’s fun and friendly approach enables her to develop students’ literacy skills whilst also building confidence and enjoyment in learning.

When Sally is not busy teaching or assessing, she can almost always be found outdoors. Animals and outdoor adventures have become more of a lifestyle than a hobby and are enjoyed by the whole family, including her two young sons.

As a qualified teacher and parent, one in primary school, the other in secondary school, Sally also experienced the highs and lows of learning through lockdown first hand, like many parents. She has been amazed by the resilience of our young people and impressed by the range of activities that IT companies have created to help fill the gaps.

However, she could also see that those children with different learning styles, like the many dyslexic learners out there, who need a personalised, multisensory approach were not always catered for.

Study Stars has grown from Sally’s wish that children with different learning styles are not only accepted but celebrated. The greatest lesson we can teach young people is that of self-belief.

Helping children shine.