Sally is a fully qualified dyslexia assessor with a current assessment practising certificate (APC).

A full diagnostic assessment is the only way to get a formal diagnosis of dyslexia.


Why have a dyslexia assessment?

Dyslexia assessments can be carried out by an education psychologist or by a dyslexia specialist teacher, like Sally, with an assessment practising certificate (APC).

A dyslexia screening test may have been carried out in school but this will only give an indication of the likelihood of dyslexia and should not be treated as conclusive.

If you have noticed that your child is struggling to develop literacy skills as would normally be expected or finds it hard to remember and organise information then an assessment could be helpful.

One of the main benefits of undertaking a dyslexia assessment is that you will gain a detailed picture of strengths and difficulties along with a list of personalised recommendations. This helps the child, parents and teachers to understand and develop strategies and how best to use strengths to support those areas of difficulty.

As the child progresses through school and on to college, a formal dyslexia diagnosis can provide evidence for an application for funding from the disabled students allowance (DSA).

Dyslexia assessment process

The first step in the process is to complete a detailed background questionnaire. Following this, a dyslexia assessment session can be arranged.

The assessment usually takes around 3 hours and will include a variety of short tests to investigate a wide range of cognitive abilities as well as attainment skills, such as reading and spelling.

A report will then be produced in around 2 weeks. This will include a personalised list of detailed recommendations. There will also be an opportunity to talk through the findings of the report with Sally if this is something you would find helpful.

The cost for a Full diagnostic report is £450.


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