Personalised, carefully structured and above all, fun!

In addition to developing key literacy skills, Sally’s aim is to help children achieve
their potential by increasing self esteem and by making the most
of their unique dyslexic talents.



Specialist dyslexia tuition 

Weekly lessons are bookable on a monthly basis in advance during term time and, if required, during the school holidays depending on availability.

The first two lessons include a variety of assessment activities which will help Sally to identify your child’s strengths and areas in which they need support. This will be used to develop a personalised plan ensuring that any gaps in their knowledge can be addressed as part of the programme.

Tuition costs £40 per hour.

What to expect

Lessons will typically involve a range of multisensory activities based on phonological awareness, reading, spelling and memory skills. Other areas such as organisation, comprehension, listening skills and numeracy can also be included.

The priority is always making sure that the child feels confident in applying new skills and letter patterns to their work.

Games are an important learning tool which are often used for overlearning and introducing new letter patterns and learning concepts.

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